Incredible Rainbow Trout
Incredible Rainbow Trout

The Fishing

The best fishing on the Alagnak River, a short boat ride or fly-out away!

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Katmai Lodge’s central location on the Alagnak River provides our guests with speedy access to Alaska’s best tidewater and freshwater fishing for salmon and trout.

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The guides at Katmai Lodge target fresh, strong salmon in their prime. We do not and will not target spawning or near spawning fish.

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King / Chinook Salmon

During the last week of June, large schools of King salmon begin arriving in the Alagnak. These salmon average 30 pounds with monsters in the 50’s caught each season.

These very aggressive fish readily attack big streamer flies or bright colored plugs.

Silver / Coho Salmon

Silver salmon arrive in the Alagnak in August. These aggressive chrome bright bullets are fresh from the ocean and looking for a fight. They are very willing players in the fly or spinning world. The Coho of the Alagnak run from 10-15 pounds, and up to 20 pounds. They are very strong fighters – the most acrobatic of all species of Pacific salmon. Once hooked, then hang on! Catching them on dry flies is something you’ll never forget.

Chum / Dog Salmon

Chum salmon arrive in early July and fish well through August. They average 12 pounds, but can go up to 20 pounds. These are the most aggressive salmon to a fly.
They will chase down and attack a fly on the swing, just off the bottom, or a dry fly waking across the surface. Pound for pound, these are the toughest fish in the river. They can be caught until your arm says “No More!”


Sockeye / Red Salmon

Sockeye salmon visit the Alagnak during the last week of June. These fish average from 5-10 pounds, and each angler can catch 50-75 per day. They are a great fly-rod fish. The Alagnak gets between one-and-a-half and two million of these chrome bright rockets each season. These fish hug the gravel bars in 1 ½ – 3 feet of water as they march their way up stream. These fish are a very intricate part of the Bristol Bay ecosystem. They are the major food source for all of the resident fish populations in the rivers.

Humpy / Pink Salmon

Humpy salmon runs occur on even years only, and arrive in the river late July through August. They average 5-10 lbs, are extremely aggressive and easily caught on fly or gear. With the addition of so many fish to the river, there is non-stop action on Humpy years. It’s a great time for families with kids.

Spring Rainbow Trout

We have great trout fishing all season, but spring on the Alagnak is a special time with a diversity of styles to fish for trout. After a long winter and with spawning behind them, the feeding frenzy begins. From the gentle sip of a dry fly, the relentless pursuit of a mouse skating across topwater, or the bone-jarring stike to a streamer, the Rainbows of the Alagnak promise exciting fishing and memories for a lifetime.


Summer Rainbow Trout

Though salmon steal the show in July and August, you will want to take at least some time to experience this special fishery. Within minutes of the lodge, great catches of Rainbows are always available.

Fall Rainbow Trout

Fall trout are in peak condition having gorged all summer on salmon eggs and flesh. They
average 18-24 inches, and every year, trout of 30+ inches are caught.

Arctic Char / Dolly Varden

You can expect incidental catches of this colorful fish all season, though the best time is late August and September. Average 18”.


Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling are a beautiful native stream fish with the dorsal “sail fin.” They average 14-16”, and are great fun to catch with light gear and dry flies. For a smaller fish, they bring a lot of action. The Alagnak supports a healthy population of Grayling to add variety and challenge to your trip.

Northern Pike

This ferocious predator is in the river year round, though the best fishing time is in August and September.

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FlyOuts & Fishing Locations

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We fly to all of the blue ribbon trout streams in the Bristol Bay area, providing diverse fishing and the opportunity to experience additional locations throughout Bristol Bay with amazing scenery and wildlife. All of these streams are within a 30 minute flight from Katmai Lodge.

The world famous Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park is truly a must-see while visiting Katmai Lodge. Here, you can watch one of the largest concentrations of Alaskan Brown Bears as they intercept the Sockeye salmon on their migration over Brooks Falls. This is where most of the Brown Bear footage you see for television documentaries is filmed.

With one of our professional guides accompanying each trip, and a scenic 25 minute flight from the lodge, Brooks Falls will be an experience you’ll never forget. The peak time for bear viewing at Brooks Falls is late June through July, though bears can still be sighted throughout August.